Gnosis Validator Hosting

Our GNO Infrastructure

Your istance is a lightweight linux based Operating System hosted in our fiber-powered network. We have our own beacon-chain (CL) + gnosis blockchain (EL) locally hosted to fulfill your validator’s duties.

Take a look at this schematic:

Support available in English or Italian

Have a question? Need support? Want to onboard? Head to our official telegram

Why us?

  • We are early supporters of GNO.
  • We’re running our validator since epoch 605033.
  • We’ve developed a custom and easy-to-use web panel to manage your validator.
  • SLA: 95% on-the-month guaranteed
  • Affordable price, billed for 2 validators or multiples
  • semi-custodial: only keystores are required to run validators
  • withdrawals guaranteed: we accept only withdrawal-enabled validators, so yours funds will be always sent to your declared address

Want to try out the web interface?

PS. You need a password to test it, ask us about it!