Bitcoin Panel | ₿

HWL is supporting the Bitcoin blockchain with this services: a full bitcoin node (bitcoind/8333), an implementation of the electrum protocol (electrumx/50002), a lighting network node (lnd/9735 – inbound peering, swaps, channeling welcome!).

All services are publicly accessible in clearnet to safeguard the bitcoin ecosystem and its decentralization.

Clearnet URLs:

  • Bitcoin core   tcp://
  • Electrumx   ssl://
  • Lighting⚡  tcp:// – Node URI:  03ba26cfae2d22c5c533dd48a0ad87a75dfb2ffc4592b25c2a2df4b531a09aa875@

Our LN policy

  • Routing Over Fees
  • Min channel size 0.5M sat.

We also host the following services for observing and iteracting with the blockchain: